172VIBES New soundbank released!

172VIBES - cover

172VIBES is a soundbank for Nanostudio (IOS, PC, and Mac). It features mainly presets for TRG and 30 Eden’s presets. It is targeted to electronic musics in various genres. You’ll be able to produce tracks from Drum&Bass, Cinematics, Trip-Hop, Hip Hop, Electro with a groove orientation, Rap with dirty electro inspiration, Trap etc…


The soundbank counts:


16 TRG banks. Some notes about the kits: They feature drum kits, also some short samples to use Trg as a (percussive) synth. They feature also drones, fxs, soundscapes, sampled true analog synth and heavy processed, and more.


12 projects to reuse and extract rythmic patterns or fx channels.


12 nsp files to load directly to your target device.


One project and its NSP file features 30 Eden synths which can be layered to create complex sounds and textures, from wobble bass for Dub, Dubstep or Drum&Bass to lead synths, keys and more.


The demos use fx channels in the mixer. It’s up to you to re-use them or tweak and modify. all presets, samples are royalty free and might be use in any commercial or personal production as you want.


172VIBES is a downloadable product, all payments are final and can’t can’t be refunded.