Near Humanity – Zombie footage Teaser


New footage confirming rumors of Zombies crawling in New York’s underground.

Near Humanity is a horror motion comics with historical events as background. It is split in three seasons of 4 episodes; each one lasting 6 to 7 minutes.

« At the dawn of the new millenium, a new drug causes deadly ravages in New-York. Rachel Evans, an efficient cop from the « drug squad » is determined to uncover the origins of this drug. This narcotic pushed a suspect to devour a portion of his teammate’s face, who died of his injuries. The same night, Roman Darkofsky, 75 years old, is questioned by the police for attempted murder on the peaceful crematorium’s old guard John Neville. What are the origins of this drug ? What ancient secret quarrel makes two old men wanting to kill each other ? Two cases quite different in appearance… but hiding a unique and scary truth. »

Near Humanity is Written by Emmanuel Beaudry, Arts by Xavier Bottet. Directed by Xavier Bottet and Emmanuel Beaudry.



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